How is your 2019 going?

Did you cross over to the new year full of ambition, hope, resolutions that this will be your year?

How do you feel after the first 10 days?

Have you stuck to your resolutions?

Have you shunned those bad habits you promised yourself to stop this year?

How do you feel about yourself?

It is really important to do a thorough honest evaluation of yourself at at least every 1 week interval. Then will you be able to know the direction in which you are moving. But you cannot do an evaluation without clear set goals. Therefore if you have not yet sat down and written your targets for 2019 it is imperative that you do so.

Personally, after evaluating myself after 10 days, I feel a little disappointed because I have not been able to break free from the habits that I really wanted to stop. Moreover, I am not consequent enough with the good habits that I wanted to develop this year.

Do you feel the same?

However, do not despair. The year is still young and if you stay focused on where you want to get you will keep moving toward that direction (that is why it is very important to have well defined written goals). One thing that you need to do, besides staying focused, is killing the nasty ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) that make your forward movement difficult.

These guys, negative thoughts, are responsible for my lag in my pursuit of success in 2019. Whenever it gets a little tough, the ANTs immediately creep into my mind and start trying to convince me why I should not try harder and stay in my comfort zone.

Alarm goes of at 05.30am… ANTs: “you can do another 15 minutes you don’t have to wake up so early.”

I want to do my morning workout…… ANTs: “it is too cold outside to go for a run.”

I want to finish my assignments early in the day… ANTs: “you can do that later first check out what you crush has posted on insta.”

This continues through out the day whenever it is about a task that requires effort. The damn ANTs work overtime to keep me in my comfort zone instead of me working overtime to get out of my comfort zone.


Negative thoughts are based on fears we got from past experiences. Just remember that they are in the past and you are moving forward so kill the damn ANTs. Move forward into 2019 step by step, you will fall back for sure from time to time but remember there is no situation which is permanent. The ANTs will make you feel like that bad time you are going through will last forever. That your year is screwed don’t let them do that to you. Just look forward push on. After 6 months I promise you will look how far you have come and smile with pride.

Write your goals for the year. Evaluate your progress at least once a week. Smash the damn ANTs.

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