How bad do you want it?

If wishes were horses beggars would ride. This saying does a lot to discourage you from just wishing and waiting for Santa to come through your chimney with a sack full of your wishes because that will not happen. Nothing comes easy we could put it in another way.

Even though, it is natural that you have big wishes and huge dreams. Dreaming about what we want or where we want to be is what distinguishes us humans from the other creatures we share our planet with. We can create the world in which we want to live by first dreaming about it. But that is the easy part. The more challenging part is turning your dreams in to reality.

The question is How bad do you want it? The answer to this question will determine whether or not you will get what you want. You can be sure that whatever you dream about or wish for in your life you can have it. It comes down to how bad you want it and what should you do to get it.dandelion-1119310_640

Many humans have had it their way and you are no exception. They did not posses superior abilities that gave them advantage over other humans. We are all the same. How we react to stimuli is what determines our levels of success in different circumstances.

Now, one thing that I have come to understand is that in order to get what you want there is a process that has to be followed. The first step is to have a burning desire to have whatever you want. This desire, will be the propulsion you will need to go for it. Think of the time where you got sleepless nights because of something really exciting that you were expecting. That same desire is what you will need to drive you into action.

Next, you need to give up something in exchange. Nothing comes easy, nothing is for free. Giving up something means that letting go of stuff in your life that you do not need to create space for the new stuff that you want. Now this is the hard part. Because we are programmed to be attached to what we have even though we don’t need it. We have this fear of letting go. This fear hinders us from moving forward because by stopping ourselves from exploring new territory we prevent the discovery of new aspects. In order to move forward you need to leave behind your current situation. Let NOT the fear of losing your comfort zone stop you from giving it up for the greater wishes that you want. If you wish for new clothes, rid your closet of the stuff you’ve not worn for the last 6 months. Nature abhors a vacuum. That is how Bob Proctor put it in his book You were born rich.

After giving up something in exchange, you will have room for what you have been dreaming of. Your desire and the space you created will be the perfect conditions for you to receive what you have been wishing for. How bad do you want it? Bad enough it gives you sleepless nights? Bad enough to let you give something away that you have been holding on to but you don’t really need? If the answer is yes, that bad then go for it and you will get it.

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