Villains are the real Heroes!

The fictional Heroes we have so religiously followed and with awe and admiration related with for decades, from DC and Marvel comics et al, are a fake brain-washing concept that are, either intentionally or by mistake meant to convince the consumers minds that to be a Hero means having some super power.


First of all, who is a super hero? It someone who saves the world by using super human abilities that they got by either inheriting enormous wealth, being bitten by an insect, struck by lightning, an accidental chemical reaction, a secret government human-weapon project or coming from another planet.

What do I deduce from our super heroes? You can’t be a normal person and work your way up to be a super hero. I don’t know one hero who started from nothing and went a head to be Super and save the world.

Wait a second, come to think of it I do know one and this one is not even fictional. The great Shaka Zulu. Born of illegitimate relations, raised up by his mother, yet rose his way to be a conqueror and a great leader.

Villains are the real heroes they are mostly normal people who are driven by injustice done to them or someone they care about. Yes, someone may argue that some are driven by greed to take over the world or accumulate wealth. But my point is Villains mostly rise from nothing or humble beginnings. Their desire for revenge for the injustices or, if you like, their desire to become rich and powerful leads them to work so hard and be able to ‘almost’ achieve their goals until some dude in a costume and supernatural powers, which they didn’t work for, comes and thwarts all their efforts.

I am not justifying the horrifying stuff that villains do. I am appreciating the work they put behind to get there. The entertainment industry is not showing us, our kids, that somebody can be successful, rich, powerful and good or a hero by working from bottom up. Otherwise we would have Heroes from third world countries too.

Personally I will be watching a movie and celebrating every time that costume guy gets his ass kicked. I know that at the end he or she will win but it will be really satisfying to see that the Villain, who worked so hard to get where he or she is, is not defeated before landing a few blows.


On a serious note it is time to infuse education into entertainment. Let the fictional action movies and super heroes have a realistic touch to it. I want to read about that poor African, or third world country kid who like Shaka Zulu never gave up stayed focused to his dream and ended up being Iron Man or Bat Man. My kids should understand that success doesn’t come by chance it is worked for.

As of now Villains are my heroes.



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