That Mosquito Bite led me to think involuntarily.

It was a nice warm Saturday evening. I was sitting in a tent at a grill-party sipping my chilled beer as I listened to stories being told by friends and enjoying the feeling in my stomach after a sumptuous barbecue.

Summers are notorious for mosquitos. Our host made an extra effort to keep them away. There were repellant candles lit all over as well as a strong anti-mosquito spray that formed a shield of vapour which the mosquitoes couldn’t dare get near.

But somehow one mosquito managed to breach the tight anti-quito security and bit me at the most bizarre of places. I felt an itch at the back of my head. How insane is that? I have never in my life heard somebody being bit on that part of the head. I mean it is possible but not when there are many more juicier parts to bite and hallo it was summer we were all scantily dressed the choice skin was exposed. But this guy decided to go for the back of my head.

The bite caused an unrelenting itch. My hand was perpetually behind my head zealously scratching the occipital region. After sometime it became noticable and my friends asked me what I was thinking about? And I replied: ”It is a mosquito bite” That sent everyone to a roar of laughter. They thought it was a joke. I wanted to tell them that I was serious but I thought well I was funny right there, so I kept the ball rolling and explained how that SOB breached the layers of security and instead of biting anyone else chose me and as if that was not enough it left out my legs and arms and went for my Occiput. The laughter continued for another 10 minutes and the mosquito bite became the subject matter for another 30 or so minutes.

Three days later I am still thinking about that intriguing bite. As much as I was on the warpath with mosquitos after that nasty itch at the back of my head at the end of it all it really brought out good vibes and led me to steal the show for a while.


Lesson learnt: It is all about how we react to bad situations or better still; respond to bad situations.

I remember someone said; ‘you do not react to a mosquito bite with a hammer.’

Another good one is: ‘It is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.’ Epictetus

Bob Proctor puts it beautifully: ‘When you react you are giving away your power, when you respond, you are staying in control of yourself.

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