‘Whites’ are Black…. ‘Blacks’ are White

Mugoya (1 von 1)I am 100% sure I am not the only one who has had enough of this ‘Racism’ Shit. I have been thinking about it for some-days now and it is time I put this idiotic ideology to sleep and bury it completely.

Human kind have advanced in knowledge, skills and rational, philosophical reasoning immensely over the years. Great thinkers have been able to demystify and explain unbelievably hard phenomena. There are books and material on basically all kinds of challenges that you may encounter in your life and we Humans are in-agreement in many of this aspects irrespective of skin color.

What defeats my logic is how in this age and era Racism is still a topic. How with the modern day education and development where people are able to interact with each other all over the world without the need of even knowing the language, how is it possible that so many of us are still chained to a phenomena that is way too old for our time. That there are black people and others are white.

I AM NOT BLACK and if you call me black you are showing me that you are still stuck on an ideology that my great great grandfather learnt of when he first saw Europeans coming to his land as missionaries in the 1800s. In other words you are too stupid to differentiate reality and fiction.

YOU ARE NOT WHITE and if you think you are, you are still stuck in the ideology that Christopher Columbus and other explorers fashioned to try and explain why they looked different from the native people they visited ages ago.

It is so an amateur way of thinking to categorize Humans by the color of their skin. Dude, my skin color is not me it is just my skin. Which doesn’t make me more or less human, more or less intelligent, more or less trustworthy, more or less lovable than someone of a different skin color.

Think of it, we have built amazing cars, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Tesla, Ferrari, I could go on and on. The manufacturers didn’t make this amazing cars in one color I bet you know why. But if you would take the color off they are all the same, the body, the engine, interior its the same. Yeah…, some idiot will try to take me out of context and say that some are customized…. of course they are, according to individual preferences. Why aren’t we intelligent humans saying that a red Tesla should not get a parking spot in the mall because it’s red or why are we telling the owner of a Yellow Bentley, ‘you cant fill upyour tank here your Bentley is yellow’

Now was God drunk or high to create us Humans in different skin colors? Would it be better if we were all of the same color? and to stick to that line of thought from the cars, we customize ourselves according to individual preferences. Men grow beards other don’t. Women grow long hair others short.

We are physically the same and I will not accept to be judged by my physical appearance. The only difference is, there are those light skinned idiots who will look at a dark skinned fella and feel superior to them and there are those dark skinned idiots who rant ‘racism’ every time they feel something unjust or unfair is done to them.

I will try make it is as clear as possible in the most layman terms I can think of. You and me, we are the same whether you like it or not. Your biological mama and papa’s egg and sperm came together to create you just like my mama and papa’s. For heavens sake Eggs and Sperms look the same irrespective of the owner’s skin color. The embryo, that tiny you in your mama’s womb, I looked exactly the same at that age. Fast forward to when I die and am buried 6 feet under, if they took my bones out and your bones will look the same as mine. The beginning is the same and so will the end so don’t dare think that your are special or different from other humans because of the color of your skin.skeleton-3342754_1920

‘Whites’ are black and ‘Blacks’ are white. These two colors have been used to separate good and evil. Black magic, Black market the Night is Black and all sorts of evil take place at this time. White on the other hand stands for good, purity, White-collar-jobs, Jesus rode on a white horse, wedding dresses are commonly white. It is totally wrong, at all levels, to call a person black or white just by looking at the color of their skin. I might have dark skin but I am white; I pay taxes and follow the law and I am nice to people. The light and dark skinned fellas who go shooting other humans for whatever reasons are as black as hell, the most evil imagination possible.

Look at me, what you see is not me. That is my body which I did not choose to be born in, but I love it and take care of it. You, don’t fool yourself that what I see is you. You never chose to be born in that body of yours. My character, my personality, my likes, my dislikes, my actions and reactions that’s me right there. You wanna know me; you have to look beyond what your eyes can see.

Let us not allow a centuries old ideology to govern our way of  thinking. Humans are much better than this. If you share my opinion then lets work together and bury this ideology that is living way beyond it is time.

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